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Did you know there are over 800,000 law enforcement officers serving in the US? These professionals work continually to improve their effectiveness in protecting their communities, and part of that involves using modern law enforcement software. Automatic vehicle location systems are crucial when it comes to managing a fleet, but

If you manage some of the 800,000 law enforcement officers in the US, you likely are always looking for new ways to streamline your operations. Push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) technologies are an important alternative to traditional radios. They get officers and officials in contact with each other while on the

Public safety professionals rely on quality computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems and public safety cloud system to help protect their communities. Without knowing it, members of the general public also rely on dispatching software as they expect their first responders to provide the best possible service. Regardless of their level of

When the two-way radio was introduced to policing, it was a marvel of mobile technology. The ability to transmit one’s voice across several miles brought about increases in efficiency and safety. For decades, the two-way radio mounted in a patrol car, and later in fire departments and emergency medical service

There is probably someone reading this who is within arm’s reach of a fax machine. Still more common, is the sight and sound of a commercial grade printer/copier/scanner not far from one’s workstation. While some public safety agencies like fire fighters, emergency medical services (EMS) personnel or security companies, believe

Public safety agencies rely on data for nearly every aspect of their operation. It is common to associate data with functions such as a records management system (RMS), computer aided dispatching (CAD), and mobile computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software technology. However, an organization’s finances, purchases/supplies, fleet maintenance, human resources, and a

Technologies such as computer aided dispatch systems (CAD) used by security service providers have come a long way since the clipboard and sign-in sheet were considered thorough. The use of advanced security dispatching software is essential to modern security guard companies and provides for a host of advantages over outdated

The job title of the primary user of a computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system can vary greatly; telecommunicator, 911 operator, emergency call taker, and dispatcher, are but a few examples. Regardless of what they are called, these unsung heroes are in the business of saving lives. In that quest, professional dispatchers

Modern law enforcement agencies are increasing their crime prevention efforts through data-driven initiatives. Fortunately, for organizations with up to date records management systems (RMS) and computer-aided dispatch systems, some of the best data for that purpose is already in their possession. This benefit is exponential when the RMS is integrated

10-8 Systems Offers A Digital Real-Time Parking Enforcement Software System that is Designed To Efficiently Issue and Track Parking Compliance Citation for Law Enforcement and Parking Enforcement Patrol. Parking Enforcement Mobile Tracking Our Parking Enforcement Software System is a cloud-based system that is easy to use and aims to reduce

10-8 Systems offers A Modern Police Officer Scheduling System (POSS) Designed To Enhance Communication and Simplify Scheduling for Law Enforcement. Enhances Police Schedules Our Police Scheduling Software is an easy to use software that reduces scheduling issues that lead to controlled overtime, consistent schedules management, and lower cost.    This

Better Reporting, Better Technology. Better Service.  Your company thrives on efficiency and lighting-fast response time. An integral part of security is the peace of mind that is a result of your services. Full-featured security guard reporting software allows you to communicate quickly and effectively with your team and the organizations

Just 40 years ago, in January 1979, law enforcement agencies around the world were first introduced to computers and their implementation inside police vehicles. This would allow officers to search police databases from the front seat of their patrol cars. Fast forward to now, where the advancements in technology are

The integration of a good computer-aided dispatch software (CAD) with security dispatching software can greatly improve the security guard industry. Not unlike their public safety counterparts like law enforcement, fire departments, EMS, and first responders, the use of private security professionals rely on advances in technology such as security dispatching

While there are a number of criteria that would identify computer-aided dispatching software as beneficial to an organization, three main categories stand out among service provider leaders—reliability, adaptability, and versatility. Whether public safety, transportation, security, utility, delivery, or any operation requiring communication with personnel in the field, dispatching software that

Computer aided dispatching (CAD) systems from years gone by served their purpose well.  In much the same way a rotary telephone served its purpose by allowing easy, customized communication without the need for an operator to connect the call. No doubt, a modern marvel at the time. However, compared to

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