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2021-03-05 14:29:00

Security Guard Scheduling Software

10-8 Systems offers A User Friendly Security Guard Scheduling Software That Is Designed To Enhance Communication and Simplify Scheduling For Security Companies.

Custom Client Scheduling

Our Security Guard Scheduling Software is designed to properly manage clients by ensuring the proper personnel and skills are scheduled for different clients and locations.


This feature ensures that all sites are always covered and removes the hassle in trying to figure how to secure each location. 



Security Guard Management

This guard scheduling software also automates officer scheduling and as a result reduces security guard scheduling efforts. 


In addition to automated schedules, employees can communicate among each other, request time off, swap shifts, check their schedule, change availability, track PTO, and more.  


Backend Office Management


Our mission is to make the most complete Security Guard Scheduling Software system for security companies.

Our scheduling system includes a modernized office management feature that enables security companies to easily manage all backend office management duties such as scheduling and payroll.    

10-8 Systems Security Guard Scheduling Software - Benefits 

  • PTO Management

  • Overtime Tracking

  • Trading Shifts

  • Open Shifts

  • Attendance Tracking

  • Time Tracking

  • Guard Availability

  • Staff Management

  • Payroll Integration

  • Client Management 

  • Event Scheduling

  • Cloud-based




On Duty Security Officers

Access Anywhere

Chat Messaging

Unit Posting Assignment

Automated SMS Paging

Court Appearance Scheduler


Off Duty Security Officers

Automated Callouts

Request Time Off

Tracking Hours 

Schedule Viewer

Trading Shift Tool


Backend Schedule Management

No-Conflict Scheduling

Payroll Management

Employee Information

Overtime Scheduling

Schedule History 


What Our Clients Say About Our Security Scheduling Software

-10-8 Systems has been a great help in making our security agency run more efficient. My favorite feature is the no-conflict scheduling feature. This feature enables our company to make quick changes to payroll and scheduling. Overall, I highly recommend this software to security companies of any size 

-We decided to work with 10-8 Systems when I read that their computer-aided dispatch software was used in the Bahamas during Hurricane Dorian in 2019. It has been a pleasure working alongside 10-8 systems and have enjoyed how they have made our security company more efficient.


-Amazing software Integration!!!!!! With the integrations of all 10-8 Systems security company softwares we have been able to simplify and operate our security company more efficiently. We absolutely love their software and their attention to detail. I can’t wait to see what updates they release in the near future. 


- So glad I went with 10-8 Systems for our security scheduling management software. You have one of the best scheduling software working alongside the best RMS software. Thank you 10-8 Systems.


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