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2021-04-05 18:21:00

Better Reporting, Better Technology. Better Service. 


Your company thrives on efficiency and lighting-fast response time. An integral part of security is the peace of mind that is a result of your services. Full-featured security guard reporting software allows you to communicate quickly and effectively with your team and the organizations that you serve.

Real Reporting. Real Results. Here’s What 10-8 Systems Clients Have to Say


“10-8 Systems has been a great help in making our security agency run more efficient. My favorite feature is the no-conflict scheduling feature. This feature enables our company to make quick changes to payroll and scheduling. Overall, I highly recommend this software to security companies of any size.”

“We decided to work with 10-8 Systems when I read that their computer-aided dispatch software was used in the Bahamas during Hurricane Dorian in 2019. It has been a pleasure working alongside 10-8 systems and have enjoyed how they have made our security company more efficient.”

“Amazing software Integration!!!!!! With the integrations of all 10-8 Systems security company softwares we have been able to simplify and operate our security company more efficiently. We absolutely love their software and their attention to detail. I can’t wait to see what updates they release in the near future.”

“So glad I went with 10-8 Systems for our security scheduling management software. You have one of the best scheduling software working alongside the best RMS software. Thank you 10-8 Systems.”

Real Time Reporting for On-Duty Officers

Integrated Mapping

When time is of the essence, you need to access your officers’ location easily. 10-8 Systems provides real-time GPS tracking so that you can easily and quickly locate your guards in real time or when you need to track previous locations. Locations are time and date stamped for accurate reporting.

In-Field Reporting

As a security provider, your team is mobile for the majority of their shift. 10-8 Systems allows for remote access to all features and functionalities so that your team can report critical information while out in the field.

Persons Database

A central repository for case-related information is crucial while working in the field, increasing efficiency and response time. In your industry, time is of the essence, and the ability to remotely report and information on-demand is paramount when providing security services.

Vehicle Database

Access to case-related information pertaining to vehicles is crucial while working in the field. 

This data is tracked and  stored safely with 10-8 systems vehicle database functionality. Officers can both access and report vehicle information remotely and instantly.

Daily Activity & Shift Logs

Accurate, time and date stamped records of your officers’ locations and activity is imperative for both ongoing situations and cases that are making their way through the judicial system. GPS-tracked location information and activity logs are both accessible in-field if -- and when -- the situation warrants.

Statistics Reporting

A comprehensive and fully integrated statistics reporting system helps your organization strategize more effectively. Understanding the statistics of crime in the areas you protect means dedicating the right officers to the right locations at the right times. In-field personnel can report and update statistics reports in real time and remotely with 10-8 Systems.

Backend Reporting & Tracking

Our backend scheduling and reporting management systems ensure that you have the necessary number of officers on duty and at the right times. 

10-8 Systems provides the following back-end reporting services 

  • No-Conflict Scheduling

  • Payroll Management

  • Employee Information

  • Overtime Scheduling

  • Schedule History

Automated and real time reporting for backend support teams streamlines your services so that your teams can laser-focus on what matters most: keeping the public safe.

Accurate Reporting. Real Time Tracking. Increased Efficiency. This is 10-8 Systems

Both the clients and the populations you serve deserve the best possible safety and security. With instant, accurate, and remotely accessible reporting, your company is able to streamline your documentation processes and provide even better service.

Contact 10-8 Systems today and find out why security companies nationwide trust us with their security reporting solutions.