Modernized Security Guard Tour System | Security Checkpoint System

2021-04-05 18:23:00

Increased Efficiency. Improved Response Time. More Comprehensive Security.

The quality of the services you provide depend on how efficiently you execute your guard tours. With streamlined and technologically advanced guard tour systems, your ability to dispatch and track your guards is maximized. From emergency alerts, activity tracking, and realtime reporting, 10-8 Systems is your top choice for managing your guards.

Elevated Service. Maximized Efficiency. Here’s What 10-8 Systems Clients Have to Say

“10-8 Systems has been a great help in making our security agency run more efficient. My favorite feature is the no-conflict scheduling feature. This feature enables our company to make quick changes to payroll and scheduling. Overall, I highly recommend this software to security companies of any size.”

“We decided to work with 10-8 Systems when I read that their computer-aided dispatch software was used in the Bahamas during Hurricane Dorian in 2019. It has been a pleasure working alongside 10-8 systems and have enjoyed how they have made our security company more efficient.”

“Amazing software Integration!!!!!! With the integrations of all 10-8 Systems security company softwares we have been able to simplify and operate our security company more efficiently. We absolutely love their software and their attention to detail. I can’t wait to see what updates they release in the near future.”

“So glad I went with 10-8 Systems for our security scheduling management software. You have one of the best scheduling software working alongside the best RMS software. Thank you 10-8 Systems.”

Track Your Officers in Real Time

Real Time GPS Mapping

The ability to instantly locate your officers is a must. With real-time tracking, you can quickly and easily locate your guards when a situation requires additional support or to ensure that all areas of a property are covered.

Persons & Vehicle Database

Maintaining a centralized database of case-related persons and vehicles is crucial for accurate reporting, on-going cases, and the safety of the populations you serve. Our systems allow remote access to this information when your team needs it out in the field.

Automated Time & Date Stamping

With regard to safety, security, and accountability, all records of your officers’ whereabouts are time and date stamped. Having automated records of activity and location is pertinent for ongoing situations, investigations, or cases that require legal action.

Daily Activity, Shift Logs, and In-Field Reporting Capabilities

Your officers do the majority of their work in the field. With remote access to daily activity tracking, shift logs, and in-field reporting, your team is able to spend more time protecting the public and less time commuting back and forth between headquarters to file reports. Our systems include routine reporting as well as statistics reporting so that your team can strategize more effectively.

Cloud-Based Means Additional Security & Efficiency

Our systems are cloud-based, meaning all data is encrypted, secure, and remotely accessible. This provides your staff and the companies you serve with additional peace of mind,  as well as eliminates the need for both the secure storage and time required for traditional paperwork reporting.

Comprehensive Backend Support

For your team members who provide support on the backend, it is essential that information is organized, efficient, and accurate. 10-8 Systems include features that make scheduling and managing your officers a streamlined process:

  • Schedule history, no-conflict scheduling features, and overtime scheduling

  • Centralized employee information database

  • Payroll management

  • Computer assisted dispatch

  • Real-time SMS alerts

  • Instant chat features

  • Customized reporting

  • Much, much more

We understand the gravity of your work. The team at 10-8 Systems works to create customized guard tours management for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Contact a member of our team for the full list of services and features we offer.

Accurate Checkpoints. Instant Information. Trust 10-8 Systems.

Your clients and the locales you serve depend on you to provide the best security services to keep their populations safe. With GPS tracked guard tour systems, remote reporting, and instant communication, your security company is able to streamline your in-field operations and backend processes so that you can focus on what is most important: protecting your communities.

Contact a member of our team for a demo of our guard tours tracking system and find out why organizations across the US choose 10-8 Systems.