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CAD Integration

Computer Aided Dispatch Software (CAD) is an essential tool that’s used to respond efficiently to emergency situations. 

If you have any knowledge of the stress and pressure of emergency situations, you understand the need for having reliable dispatch software. This software can help communicate to emergency service vehicles in the field to direct them to the nearest emergency situation. 

CAD serves as the core of a dispatch center and the integrations bring multiple solutions together for a complete experience that can improve efficiency and safety. This saves time and creates a holistic solution for emergency service personnel. 

Want to learn more about CAD integration? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is CAD Integration?

CAD integration brings together multiple solutions under one roof. This means that you’re reliant on fewer applications to provide emergency assistance. This simplifies and streamlines the entire workflow.

Response times are a major problem for emergency services. This is because traditional solutions struggle with the integration of new technology. 

For example, if the emergency personnel on your team utilize dashcams and GPS’, but don’t integrate with the dispatch system, it can cost precious moments trying to locate a team that is nearest to the emergency at hand. 

Instead, the entire workflow can be streamlined with CAD. The cloud-native solution helps put everything they need in one place so that they can do their job more effectively.

Better yet, having one integrated solution can also save the department some money. This is because having one solution is often more affordable than having to maintain multiple devices and licenses. 

Key Benefits of CAD Integration

There are a few key benefits of CAD integration. These benefits range from access to information to scalability for growing departments. Here’s a quick rundown of the most important benefits.

  1. Access to multiple systems 
  2. More information
  3. Future proof organizations
  4. Increase officer and public safety

10-8 Systems Key Features of CAD Integration

There are a few key features that come with 10-8 Systems. Here’s a quick look at the key features of CAD integration.

1. Integrated Mapping

Integrated mapping allows you to view live, detailed maps. This means that you can view the map within your CAD and don’t have to wait for another application or platform to load. Having this integrated can help the control room send out accurate information and directions.

A good CAD software will have the ability to integrate with multiple mapping solutions. 

2. Built-In Communications

Having built-in communications saves tons of time and makes communication easier. This allows dispatch to communicate with those in the field and update them as new information comes up.

Mobile CAD makes this even more accessible since personnel can use their mobile devices, such as radio and other mobile devices, to access critical information while they’re in the field.

3. Unit Paging

The system is also integrated with unit paging functionality. This adds reliability to your communication platform.

While internet speeds have become faster and more reliable, they can go down sometimes. SMS paging is more reliable and can ensure that the message is sent even if the receiver doesn’t have access to the internet.

Some CAD solutions will have the ability to integrate with multiple paging platforms and internal features. 

4. Call Handling Solutions

With this technology, emergency dispatchers can easily manage incoming calls and prioritize them based on urgency and other factors. The system also allows dispatchers to quickly access relevant caller information, including:

  • Location
  • Medical history
  • Critical data

5. Caller Locator Software

Another important CAD integration feature offered by 10-8 Systems is caller locator software.

With this technology, emergency responders can quickly pinpoint the location of a caller using real-time GPS tracking data. This can be especially useful in situations where a caller is unable to provide a precise location due to injury, confusion, or other factors.

6. Alarm Systems

Emergency responders can receive instant alerts when an alarm is triggered, allowing them to quickly investigate and respond to potential threats.

This feature is especially useful for public safety organizations that need to monitor large areas or multiple buildings for security purposes.

7. Active Directory / Single Sign-On 

With the integration of Active Directory and Single Sign-On, users can effortlessly log in, ensuring quick access to essential data when every second counts. The Active Directory/SSO integration provides dual benefits:

  • Security: It ensures that only authorized individuals gain access to the dispatch software, enhancing overall data protection.
  • Ease of Login: By enabling users to access the CAD system using their existing credentials, it eliminates the need to remember multiple login details, allowing for a seamless user experience.

8. NCIC Searches

One of the pivotal elements in the dispatch and law enforcement sector is the ability to query databases for pertinent information swiftly. With the NCIC Searches integration, these modules offer:

  • Comprehensive Searches: Users can query both state and federal databases, providing a holistic search capability.
  • Efficiency: The integration ensures that officers and dispatchers can obtain critical information on the go, ensuring timely and informed decisions.
  • Accuracy: Access to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) provides up-to-date, accurate data, essential for various public safety operations.

9. CAD-to-CAD

10-8 Systems offers CAD-to-CAD integration solutions that allow different public safety organizations to share information and coordinate their response efforts more effectively.

With CAD-to-CAD integration, emergency responders can easily exchange information about

  • Incidents
  • Share real-time updates
  • Collaborate more effectively across agencies and jurisdictions

This can:

  • Help improve response times
  • Reduce duplication of effort
  • Save lives in emergency situations

10-8 Systems CAD Integration Process

The 10-8 System is a powerful tool that brings everything you need into one solution. This is a modern computer-aided dispatch system that leverages the latest technology to improve stability, reliability, and efficiency in the field. 

10-8 Systems are completely integrated to provide a public safety suite. This focuses on computer-aided dispatch software but also includes mobile and cloud access as well. Since the entire system is a cloud-native solution, you can access the platform from any internet-enabled device.

This makes it easier than ever to transition to 10-8 Systems today.

Clients and Partners

10-8 Systems are currently being used by both the public and private sectors. This user-friendly software solution helps improve reliability and productivity for:

  • Police stations
  • Firefighters
  • Emergency medical services around the country

The team at 10-8 Systems continues to search for more opportunities for integrations. If you have any questions about their services, do not hesitate to reach out

Here’s a quick look at some of our testimonials. 

Sheriff’s Department

“Pleasure of doing business with 10-8 Systems. They have the best computer-aided dispatch software that we have ever used. 10-8 Systems dispatching system enabled us to enhance our communication with multiple agencies, jurisdictions, and roles. Which leads to lower response times and mistakes.”

FEMA Project Manager

“10-8 Systems not only exceeds our tech spec wish list, but they also offer incredibly responsive and helpful customer support, responding within minutes to requests, and are willing to help us out with customization requests geared towards disaster response and search & rescue.”

The Benefits of Integrated CAD Solutions

When it comes to software solutions, it’s always ideal to have a holistic approach. If one piece of software can handle everything you need, it can boost your overall productivity and response time. This is essential for emergency services like PSAPs and public safety agencies. 

CAD integration delivers a single platform for all the data in one place. Since your communication is deeply integrated with your dispatch system, responses can be quick, fast, and decisive. 10-8 Systems go even further by offering cloud-native solutions that enable you to access the system from any mobile device. 

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10-8 System’s computer aided dispatch software brings the latest technology to provide public safety agencies with the most up to date information and pinpoint precise location information to better help response time and connectivity.

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