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Different Public Safety Agencies That Use Dispatching Service Software

Nearly any organization with any size fleet which is required to respond to calls for service can benefit from a modernized computer aided dispatch software. Traditionally used in public safety, the technological advances in public safety dispatching service have made them not only feasible but practical for a host of other industries as well.

Law enforcement, fire departments, security guard companies, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers are often logically concerned with getting to an emergency promptly. Public safety Dispatching service software offers multiple benefits in the accomplishment of that goal. Fuel efficiency and customer service, while a consideration, are not the priority in public safety. However, dispatching software can be designed to meet the needs of organizations in which fuel costs and customer service are more closely scrutinized. This can work in addition to coordinating a safe and expedient response regardless of the type of call.  

Dispatching Service Software in Public Safety

The men and women of today’s public safety agencies have come to rely on modern dispatching service software. Law enforcement officers communicate with public safety dispatchers and other units through mobile technology linked with an agency’s public safety dispatching service software. Being able to obtain the details of a call for service with their mobile devices while en route can enhance officer safety and reduce response times. This also helps keep the two-way radio free for emergency transmissions.

Similarly, firefighters and EMS personnel can use dispatching software’s real-time data like an integrated mapping system to locate fire hydrants, set up triage areas, and identify potential landing zones for medical helicopters. It also allows fire incident commanders and public safety dispatchers to coordinate additional units and specialty equipment at the scene of a fire as well as ensuring coverage for the rest of the jurisdiction. The adage, “when it rains, it pours,” is well known in the public safety world and effective use of dispatching software provides the proverbial umbrella as skies darken.

Public Safety Dispatching Service Software and Private Security

Clients expect professional service and a reasonable cost when seeking a security provider. Gone are the days of the lone night watchman, sporadically present under the guise of deterrence. Modern security companies know they have been entrusted with protecting the client’s assets, including personnel and property. Staffing a security operations center with the latest in software technology enhances the level of protection a security company can offer. 

As an example, consider one of the most common duties of a security officer, patrol rounds. Sometimes called a guard tour, this is the task of checking in at various areas within an officer’s zone of responsibility. With a cell phone or other mobile technology linked to the ops center’s security dispatching software, officer check-ins are logged and verified simply by their presence at the required location. More than just a log, however, an officer or public safety dispatcher can add notes with special instructions or photos as needed for an incident report. All of this information and more, including exact times, are automatically entered into the public safety dispatching service software for review by supervisors, clients, or other designated personnel. 

Delivery and Expediting Services Use of Public Safety Dispatching Service Software

The delivery industry uses dispatching software to improve timely service and remain competitive. Two-day or less delivery is an increasing expectation of the public.  Those expectations are quickly becoming the standard for wholesale and business to business transactions as well. Route scheduling and changes can quickly be made in the public safety dispatching service software and relayed to drivers through mobile devices. 

This ability provides several benefits to delivery companies and expediters including driver safety. GPS technology allows public safety dispatchers to know the whereabouts of drivers and check on them if an unexpected delay has occurred. Integrated mapping also allows diversions to avoid traffic congestion and reduce delivery delays. Public safety Dispatching service software’s real-time tracking allows managers to better evaluate routes for on-time delivery and fuel efficiency as well as help measure overall driver performance.

Utility Service Providers and Public Safety Dispatching Service Software

Advances in mobile technology not only allow dispatchers to know the location of utility service drivers but, if desired by the company, customers can also track their service technician. While this feature is a good customer service concept for some utility companies, the use of public safety dispatching service software to track drivers increases safety and efficiency.

When public safety dispatchers know the location of their drivers and utilize public safety dispatching service software technology to make scheduling adjustments, the result is improved customer service. For instance, if a service technician has experienced an unexpected delay, the public safety dispatcher can identify other available units, make appropriate scheduling changes, and dispatch a different technician to the call. Often, the customer can avoid any delay in service as state-of-the-art public safety dispatching service software combines with professional public safety dispatchers to make the adjustments as seamless as possible.

To further increase efficiency, dispatching software can communicate with drivers using mobile technology to include special notes or instructions. Items such as gate codes and service history can greatly aid a technician in arriving on time and being prepared to address the customer’s issue. Some companies have found success by including the names of customer’s pets in their call for service notes. Even one who is otherwise frustrated with a utility service interruption will be pleasantly surprised when the technician calls his or her pet by their name. While this is probably not what public safety dispatching service software was designed for, it nevertheless adds a unique touch to customer service.                        


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