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Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC)

10-8 Systems

Cloud Based, advanced dispatching and Push-To-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) system for a less than advanced price.

Header: About Us 10-8 Systems

Our mission is to transform dispatch and Push-To-Talk Over Cellular by offering the highest integrated PoC, dispatch and record management solutions (RMS) at an affordable price and enable those who protect and serve to be better equipped to save more lives.

10-8 Systems is trusted to protect citizens in 48 states. 

Who is the software designed for?

Our software is designed with user friendly and simple communication in mind. Our software is designed to be used for just about any organization that has staff responding to calls on or off the field. These include security companies, transportation, first responders, law enforcement, fire department, and search and rescue.

Why do we keep prices so low?

10-8 Systems began as an EMT/Dispatcher Computer Science student project and progressed into what it is today. Our goal was never a large profit. The goal now is to make a practical, state of the art software that can be used to enhance communication between dispatch and possibly save lives. With that said, the only way to reach so many individuals is to offer reasonable pricing and passionate staff members. 

Dispatch Software Services


CAD – Computer Aided Dispatch

  • Integrated Mapping
  • Chat Messaging
  • Dispatch Filtering
  • Unit Posting Assignment
  • Automated SMS Paging 
  • Automated Timestamping

MDT – Mobile Data Terminal

  • Emergency Button
  • Self-Initiated Callouts
  • Remote status changes
  • Chat Messaging
  • Night Mode
  • Incident Reports

RMS – Record Management System

  • In-field reporting
  • Persons Database
  • Vehicle Database
  • Daily Activity Logs
  • Automated Shift logs
  • Statistic Reporting

Cloud – Entirely Cloud Based

  • Hosted on AWS GOVCLOUD
  • CJIS-Compliant Services
  • HIPAA-Compliant Servers
  • SSL Encryption
  • Accessible from Virtually Any Internet Connected Device
  • No Need for On-Site Servers

Header: Introducing…. Agency Link

AgencyLink™ is a revolutionary new way to connect your CAD with employees, first responders, and other agencies you work with.

Response Request

With AgencyLink™, agencies you work with can send response requests without having to pick up the phone. These requests are directly added to CAD via an easy to use web portal. The requesting agency can add comments and request cancellations, all through the AgencyLink™ portal.

Response Tracking

The requesting agency can see the status of their request, including which police units are assigned and their status. The agency can also see all of their previous requests and the outcome of those responses.

Controlled Access

AgencyLink™ accounts are managed by the law enforcement agency using 10-8 Systems. Accounts can be revoked at any time.


Giving critical information over the phone easily ends in mistakes, such as wrong locations or call types. With information, being directly inputted by requesting agency, the chances for mistakes are slim to none. 




“Awesome!!!!!! 10-8 is way more user friendly and organized. We absolutely love how they integrated push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) radio services with modern dispatching software. I absolutely love 10-8 Systems and we can’t wait to see what comes out in the near future.”


“Pleasure working with 10-8 Systems. They have the best CAD software and push-to-talk over cellular that we have ever used. 10-8 Systems integrated software enabled us to enhance our communication with multiple agencies, jurisdictions, and roles. Which lead to lower response times and mistakes ”


“10-8 Systems not only exceeds our tech spec wish list, but they also offer incredibly responsive and helpful customer support, responding within minutes to requests, and are willing to help us out with customization requests geared towards disaster response and search & rescue.”


“10-8 Systems Dispatch and PoC platform was one of the core applications that allowed us to conduct and assist in a number of life saving rescue operations for the citizens of the Bahamas. Our Dispatch team worked around the clock entering distress calls for help and rescue, and the simplicity of this platform allowed us to add new dispatchers and get them up to speed with minimal effort.”


10-8 Systems' computer aided dispatch software brings the latest technology

Computer Aided Dispatch Software Capabilities

10-8 System’s computer aided dispatch software brings the latest technology to provide public safety agencies with the most up to date information and pinpoint precise location information to better help response time and connectivity.

CAD Software

Computer Aided Dispatch


Mobile Data Terminal


Records Management System


Records Management System

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