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Real-Time Data is a Game Changer with Security Dispatch Software

Professional private security providers, many using security dispatching software, have long known the benefits of real-time data.  What has remained elusive to some firms, until now, is how to best leverage real-time data to increase operational productivity. 10-8 Systems can provide answers to questions which may have delayed businesses from implementing modern security company management software.  

Government counterparts to security providers such as law enforcement agencies are also increasing their use of data through real-time crime centers.  These components utilize computer-aided dispatching (CAD) software and a host of interconnected features to provide real-time data to patrol officers, 911 dispatchers, detectives, crime analysts, and other agencies. Private security companies can reap the benefits of the government’s use of CAD in law enforcement. Often times, public safety agencies will have already done the testing, evaluation, use, and updating of information software.  

Security Company Management Software Adaptable to a Variety of Specialties 

Regardless of the size or function of a security provider, 10-8 Systems can deliver security company management software, such as computer-aided dispatch, to enhance the level of service afforded. Through the use of adaptable software solutions, security dispatching and data management can be utilized at all levels. Some examples include:

– Organizations that are part of a multi-agency approach to security for large gatherings such as sporting events, music festivals, and convention center activities.  When tens of thousands of people converge at a single venue, real-time data management can identify threats in seconds and tactical mitigation plans can be immediately underway. 

– Security dispatching software and data management can provide security for corporate clients typically involving several components.  Real estate, such as office buildings, shopping centers, and industrial facilities each require their own security plans. Real-time data analysis allows security companies to customize needs and responses based on the incident type, location, time of day, and manpower allocations. 

– Security contracts for government or similarly structured entities such as educational institutions, medical facilities, or administrative offices can benefit from real-time data through data management and security dispatch software. For instance, student and employee access to various locations or programs can be instantly changed as circumstances dictate. Sensitive patient information, which may become necessary for security reasons, can be kept confidential and limited to use in accordance with state and federal laws. 

– Dignitary protection services will undoubtedly require constant, reliable, and up to date communication and information exchange. Security company dispatch software will be expected to manage real-time data and incorporate mobile technology to make it available when needed.  The information will be relied upon for both long-term strategic planning and immediate diversions from operation plans due to security concerns. Real-time data analysis may dictate a change of route for a dignitary motorcade. It may provide security dispatch with information about a suspicious person whom field units have not yet identified. Additionally, those same security companies using cad systems may discover information which can be instantly relayed to all parties, researched and analyzed in seconds, and provide recommendations for tactical response. 

Real-Time Data for Both Daily Activities and Major Incident Management 

Irrespective of the title security professionals use; guard, officer, manager, director, or another moniker, staff safety is always paramount.  A complement to traditional officer safety measures, real-time data management and security dispatching software serves the function of protecting personnel in unique ways. For example, similar to the automatic vehicle location (AVL) software used by many police departments, security dispatching software can pinpoint the location personnel using cloud-based CAD software for real-time GPS tracking. Knowing where an officer is when they are in need of assistance is the first step in getting back-up to them as quickly as possible. 

Real-time security officer tracking software can also serve as the means to verify patrol routes and check-in locations. As fluid events may require security personnel to remain mobile, location identification allows managers to assign officers to tasks based on their proximity to the need.  Gone are the days of having to rely on two-way radio traffic to determine which unit is available and closest to an incident.

When used in conjunction with security company data management and security dispatch software, real-time data analysis will be a major part of any threat assessment process. The response to a threat may require a split-second intervention by security personnel. Other times, a more strategic approach is warranted. Having accurate data to make evaluations logically equates to sound decision making. Interoperability features means critical data can be shared with designated team members whether they are on the other side of an event venue or the other side of the world.   

Functions such as internal communications through CAD integrated chat add to data driven responses. By communicating through mobile device chat systems, data exchange is preserved as part of an event or incident within the security records management software. Unlike traditional text messages or phone calls, which may not be incorporated into a permanent record, each detail of chat and internal SMS communication are memorialized for later use.    

Security Management and Corporate use of Real-Time Data

Managers at all levels are expected to compile data to determine effectiveness and efficiency. Security dispatch software and its components quickly permit activity reports to be generated. Systems which manage real-time data for later use can help to customize these reports based on a component’s particular need. For example:

– Daily and weekly logs can be broken down by individual officer, location, or function as part of the security team. 

-Parts of these activity reports can be used to determine future manpower needs at similar events or as a matter of routine business. 

-Expense reports can determine where costs can be cut or where budgets need to be increased. 

-Data can also be analyzed to help make decisions about company expansion.  This can be in terms of increasing geographical coverage, providing additional specialty security services, or growing the business in other ways in accordance with data-driven marketing plans.     

Real-time data management and security dispatch software has surpassed an emerging technology and has become a necessity for professional security providers. 10-8 Systems welcomes the opportunity to partner with security service companies and demonstrate how technology can change the landscape of their operations.  


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