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How Advanced Security Dispatch Software Helps Maximize Personnel

Technologies such as computer aided dispatch systems (CAD) used by security service providers have come a long way since the clipboard and sign-in sheet were considered thorough. The use of advanced security dispatching software is essential to modern security guard companies and provides for a host of advantages over outdated methods. For example, the ability to better manage a team and maximize their productivity can be directly linked to the inclusion of security dispatching software as part of a provider’s toolkit.

Personnel Management Through Security Dispatching Software

Regardless of the industry, managers tend to agree that personnel accountability is a universal challenge for supervisors. Advanced dispatching software used in the security field can help alleviate some of those challenges and increase both accountability and productivity. Gone are the days when staff names were written on a chalkboard or affixed with magnets to a whiteboard.  

Today, security dispatchers utilize the latest in software technology to show the status of all on-duty personnel. Through GPS and mapping features, the location of each officer is displayed as well as their availability. With customized accessibility, supervisors and other officers can also see this information through the use of integrated mobile devices. When a call for service comes in, security dispatching software can pinpoint the nearest available unit and initiate a response. Back-up units and supervisors can also be dispatched as needed. Depending on the urgency of the call, officers on routine rounds or nonemergency incidents can temporarily clear their status and respond to high priority events. No longer is a dispatcher using those chalkboards, magnets, or a two-way radio in an attempt to see who is available. Advanced security dispatching software instantly provides all of that information and more. 

Proactive Patrol and Security Dispatching Software

Officer rounds, security patrols, guard check-ins: no matter what a security provider calls it, nearly all companies expect their officers to make regular checks of the property they protect. Some require a certain number of rounds per shift, others mandate the specific locations to be checked, while still others use various combinations of time and place criteria to ensure their officers maximize their coverage.

The use of security dispatching software can play an important role in these security check-ins. They can be scheduled and assigned automatically at the interval required by the client or security manager. They can also be randomly assigned to avoid any noticeable pattern in security patrols. Irrespective of how officers are tasked with their rounds, the use of mobile technology combines with the security dispatching software to add a precise record of when and where officers checked in during their patrol. Officers can also add notes and pictures to document anything of significance during their rounds. All of this information is added in real-time and is immediately available to the security dispatcher and supervisor to determine if further action is needed.

Any nonemergency incident noted during a check-in can be accessed by the officer upon the completion of his or her rounds. This provides the needed details to complete an accurate and timely report. Additionally, since everything is timestamped in the security dispatching software, not only are the details in field notes available, but also the exact times of each event, entry, or officer action.

Security Dispatching Software and Improved Communication

While the two-way radio still has a valid function in security service, during breaking emergencies, for example, the use of security dispatching software is continually providing enhanced communication methods. The use of the chat feature, for instance, allows for information to be exchanged between field units and dispatchers with remarkable customization.

Depending on the desired setup features, designated personnel can establish chat conversations with all or some of the on-duty personnel. A dispatcher may only need to relay information to one officer or team of officers.  Similarly, continued chats will remain within that designated group.  On the other hand, a supervisor may want to alert all on-duty personnel of a situation through the chat feature. Another benefit found in all of these types of chat communications is the detailed record they provide of the conversation. Each person’s remark is time-stamped and can be used later to compile a report, create productivity logs, or provide for another memorialization need.           

Activity Logs and Security Dispatching Software

As previously noted, accountability is an important component of personnel management. Security dispatching software’s ability to provide detailed activity logs serve a variety of administrative functions. When an officer includes a picture of something unusual discovered during rounds, for instance, it can be added to a daily log. Depending on the situation, this log may be sent to the client so they are aware, or it could be a matter for the maintenance department to address. Having a photo along with the officer’s report can add clarity to the situation which needs to be addressed. 

Activity logs can also be used to document productivity. The details of incidents handled, reports written, rounds made, and other information can be included when evaluating the performance of individual officers or entire teams. These, of course, can include improvements made since previous logs were reviewed or help shape policy to increase overall security efficiency.   

When a new security procedure is implemented, either at the request of the client or as a best practices approach, determining its effectiveness is an important step. Activity logs help serve that function in that they can be compared to previous logs. For instance, a company may decide to increase patrol rounds as a result of trespass complaints. A year later, the activity logs can be compared to determine if those and other incident types have been reduced. This information and more can be obtained through security dispatching software.  A comprehensive periodic report can be compiled for the client to demonstrate the quality of service a security company is providing.


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